I've removed the comment box because I've been very busy with work in real life, and I won't have time to update this feed very often.


Do any of you remember Kijirushi? It specialized in free skins, and I LOVED it.  Sadly, there hasn't been a new post there since April of 2012.

Today, I was checking out the Eyes 4 All blog, and it occurred to me that there are plenty of openings for specialty blogs.

If I didn't hate blogging so much, I might do it myself.  It would be so easy I think.  Just become a member of a lot of freebie groups in-world, and start collecting something to blog.  Skins, shoes, boobie stuff...etc...  Eventually, people would start letting you know where the freebies are.

Please let me know if you're aware of any blogs that already do this.  I'd love to include them in my feed!

Love, and inappropriate groping,



  1. If you want to try blogging, I am accepting guest bloggers for SL Freebie Addiction. :)

  2. Oh, I had a blog for a long time. It was called Free Finds For Men. I started hating it after a while.

    Thanks for the offer though :D


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